Casting for international TV series: THE WITCH

Edoardo Lombardi

Edoardo Lombardi 23.05.2021 , 10:44 / Ответить

EMA Entertainment, in collaboration with TeenTv, is looking for actresses and actors for the 1st Italian international series dedicated to Fantasy and Superheroes.
We are looking for the following good-looking figures, with good acting aptitude and knowledge of the English language:
Starring: Sara 18 - 24 (Female)
Protagonist: Lia age 18 - 24 (Female)
Protagonist: Doctor age 27 - 40 (Male)
Other actors / actresses ages 20 - 35 (Female and Male)

The work will be paid for and includes travel, board and lodging.
Filming will begin in 2022
The series will be distributed worldwide
Passport required (you can also do it in the future)
You can participate even without previous experience

1st Teaser long:
2nd Teaser Short:

The submission of a curriculum and a monologue in English is required

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